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Re: Sharknado

Was busy pretty much all of yesterday and worthless in the evening. Our gym was hosting a fundraiser that I was very excited to go but after judging the CF Roseville Women's Gauntlet from 8-4, I was done.

I passed out on my friend floor at his house for about 15 minutes after a bowl of Mac N Cheese and since I was expected it to end much earlier and then get some shoes, a shirt and bowtie for the Black&White fundraiser for Club SWOLE I just wasn't in the mood to go shopping at 830 after it started at 7.

OTOH I got to judge the Hang Clean and Anyway Overhead for 3 event and help out a score of gals while doing so. That was a blast...and many were hot.

Kelly Clark out of San Jose had such good form. Crazy to see out of a CFer at a local competition. Not even a WLer. 170x3 and she probably would be a 63kg lifter. She also slam dunked the rest of the competition for the most part. 3 MU at the end. Great form.

I had thought about doing my workout after it all wrapped up but my buddy really had to get home to his wife and little girls causing hell. No Squats or Deadlifts or rows and curls. I did clean 175lbs in slippers though with no warmup.

Friday was a decent night of lifting but too many snatches and big jumps in the CJ made for a crappy CJ of 81 after missing 90 then 87. My legs felt shot from the previous days FS so I did jerk drives on the neck and rack