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Re: JP, another WOD log

Saturday 7/7/2012

Warm-up - DUs (hit PR 30 in a row), L-sit practice, Loading/unloading weights

Skill - Split Jerk technique + heavy lifting
Turned into Clean + Jerk since we didn't have any racks... Hit clean n jerk PR of 165lbs, and got a new power clean max of 175lbs on the way to barely missing the jerk.

MetCon - "Fight Night"
2 rounds of 1 min on 1 min off:
75 lb thrusters
row for calories
75 lb power snatch
1.5 pood kettlebell swing

Since the row machine readout broke halfway through we dropped that from the score, ended up with 169 reps.

Going to play basketball in an hour... the things I do to hang out with my friends! I'm going to be D E A D tomorrow probably.
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