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Re: JP, another WOD log

Sunday, 7/1/2012

Not too much to do today so thought I'd get a little extra in:

Swim workout, in yards -
200 free, 200 back, 200 IM kick, 200 pull warm-up
8x50 IM order, odds kick/drill, evens drill/build
8 x (1x25 build @ :30, :30 vertical kick, 1x25 sprint @ :45) IM order
2 x (4x50 IM transition + free @ :50 fast)
4 x 100 (free/back/free/IM) @ 1:25
200 warm down



Hang Clean 135 (I scaled to 115, swim was more tiring than I expected)
Dips (had to use bar dips b/c there were no rings in the Y gym)


I'll crush that one when I'm fresher.

Ideally I'd want to do a little metcon on the track tomorrow, but the temperature may discourage that. I'll brainstorm something while I'm at work unless anybody has any better ideas...
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