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Jeff Enge
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Re: JP, another WOD log

Friday 6/29

Rest Day... 7 days of workouts in a row + 100 degree heat the past few days = my body is a little worn out. Probably going to do some good stretching or something when I get home.

Sidebar, I'm kind of a doofus and didn't know anything about the damper setting on the rower before yesterday... I left it set on what it was when I got there for any WOD I'd done before, I just happened to notice it was on 8 for yesterdays. Reading up on it I'm seeing that that is quite a bit higher than recommended for my size. Maybe that explains why I have a 7:09 2000m row PR but found it hard to get under 1:50 for the 500m rows in my workout yesterday. Score one for my obliviousness
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