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Re: Questions...

Originally Posted by Ted Apollo View Post
diet is going to be 80% of your results. but a good way to think about it is giving your body the best nutrition you can with the calories you consume.
Ted put it very well. You will see gains in the 10 areas of fitness from doing CF, but the body composition gains will come from dialing in the fuel.

If you look at most CF women, most of us are not "bulky" from a muscle mass point of view. You will find that the muscle will firm up and respond better, but you won't look like those 75kg+ Olympic lifting women without trying.

In my roughly 2+ months of doing CF (and politely ignoring the fuel issue, unfortunately) I have seen an increase in muscle definition, but not size. I have not seen a change in scale weight, but I have dropped roughly 1% body fat and gained roughly 1% lean body mass every month. I would see the body fat percentage drop a lot faster if I would just get off my tush and pay attention to nutrition.

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