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Re: Lifting Cycles

Originally Posted by Jason Senn View Post
I want to gain strength. I have slacked off on lifting due to working on cardio and just lack of time. I anticipate more time from June on and wanted to work on getting stronger. I am looking for some sort of cycle that includes several different lifts. I've done single lift cylces and that tends to get old quick.
It's hard to say Jason, strength programming has WAY more to it them most realize.
What are your Personal Bests, and (assuming you've lost some strength) what are your current lifts in DL, BS, BP, SP, PC?
Do you want to sacrifice, maintain, or continue to develop your MetCon, as you also work on strength
Do you want to hypertrophy?
Why do you want to get stronger (i.e. Compete in CF, for work, just cos...etc)

Programming varies wildly, depending on the answers to these questions


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