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Looking to change things up a bit with a cycle of SS

I have been on here reading for several hours about the CFSB " I had the day off and wanted to relax!". After reading about it, I learned about Mark's SS book and work out. I am 31 M 19%BF, I have been doing WODs for several months and looking for a change. I am following a 18 block zone/paleo diet. I was wondering if I could get any comments on starting a SS workout plan for a couple months give or take and then going into the CFSB training. I would like to add some more lean mass and drop BF. If I could stay around the 200 lb range and peel off soem layers of fat would be my goal. I know that SS may hurt my WOD times...can I add some Met Con in my workouts? For my goals of adding size and strength is SS then CFSB a good route? What about changing my diet? GOMAD? I ask only cause I love milk and dairy is not on the paleo diet, or should I keep the diet as I have been doing. Any questions I will get a prompt answer as I am really excited to get started on a new challenge!
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