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Re: 2014 45-49 Fittest on the Planet goal

What a show! U2 have been loyal to the music and message 40 + years. Love them.

Saturday did the class workout- shoulder rehab/warm up with the class.

Partner workout-
200 meters partner kb carry 53#
Partner A planks while PB does:
20 dubs
15 kb swings 53#
10 push ups
then switch

Was a good fun workout.
5 or so rounds

Did some rowing, bar facing burpees- 2800+ meters.

Worked on squat cleans- not so great and things were heavy.

Weight is under 187 right now.

Finally took my bike off the trainer and did some efforts around Fiesta Island.

Goal was not to fall over or off the bike and go 30+ mph. Got over 33 MPH. Was in a really big gear. 98" but felt good to see how the stroke was after 6 years. Going to do more work this week on the road. Gotta get the violence back in the pedals.

Saturday went to a friends BD party. No sweets for me.

Sunday- rowing 2800 meters then some t2b and bf burpees. Did 21 bfb at a fast pace.. trying to see what 30 of them is going to feel like in the comp.

Sunday morning meeting and also a meditation meeting in the evening.

Ive been watching a show "This is US" wonderful show.
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