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Re: Vegan Paleo

Originally Posted by John Stone View Post
Organic vegan with no starch is probably what this should be called. Paleo diet involves meat.

"Vegan Paleo" is a made-up term that doesn't make sense, and I am not sure why people are debating it.

Paleo = eating food that is natural for human beings

Vegan = diet based on psychological factors instead of health/nutritional ones
sigh. You totally missed most of this post. True Paleo, eating what Paleo man ate, can contain any grains / some cooked carbs, variable animal meat, fruits, veg, nuts, seeds. The 30/30/40 macro nutrient make up clashes with mainstream nutritional research that suggests high carb, 5% cal from protein, low fat (WHO and FDA both recommend... well, FDA is 6.5%. Whatever). If i'm not mistaken, the Zone was never published to the scientific community, nor did Barry Sears try different macro nutrient ratios with similar food (fruits, veg, nuts, seeds, good qual meat). Paleo/zone is obviously a huge improvement over SAD, but there isn't much to show it is the absolute best diet for humans to eat, especially when it calls for limits fruit consumption and choice.

The term Paleo itself is rather ambiguous. In different regions, different groups of our species could be eating more plant based (around the equator) and more heavily meat based in the north and south.

Yes, there are many vegans who eat like that for reasons other than health. There is also a health based argument for it as well. The lady who started the thread stated she is vegan because of problems with IBS (I think?) and it works well for her.

Sorry about the Inuits, I couldn't find a study specifically on their life span's link to diet. But what I did find is they historically eat a large quantity of sea life and small amounts of plant life. They have a low rate of cardiovascular disease, but also a shorter life span than the average in their countries. Life span, health and diet all seem rather related to me, but it is an assumption on my part to link them. *shrug*
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