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Re: 5x5 powerbuilding/Crossfit combo question

Originally Posted by Daniel Houck View Post
've seen a few guys who use 1 day powerlifting w/ a 5x5 routine, followed by two days of crossfit, then one day rest.
The problem with that is the CF model includes days like 5-5-5-5-5 (or 5x5) of the major weightlifting and powerlifting movements, and if you believe in the WOD programming (not saying that I do - I think that it's metcon-heavy and lacks in particular more useful and advanced gymnastics), then you ought to simply buy into CF. If you want to do a strength-hybrid, there are plenty of templates and programs available to use that are available on the forums, and I would suggest that you start at CFSB or CFFB if you don't already have experience programming for yourself. If you simply want a powerlifting routine, Mark Rippetoe's Starting Strength is highly recommended for beginners and intermediate trainees. If you need help with the directions or programming, or are unfamiliar with something, post again and let us know - we'll hook you up.
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