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Squat Depth

I have done a couple of searches and read some interesting threads, but have not exactly found what I was looking for. I am doing the CFSB, and as part of that, doing low bar back squats. I am wanting to get full ROM, so I am going very deep. As part of this, I think I am keeping an upright torso, which is (I think) counter to part of the reason for doing low bar squats. So, where is the trade off between range of motion/depth, and back angle. I think I start with putting my hips back, and then lower with the same back angle, but then for the last six inches I guess, my butt comes in and my back goes more vertical. Should this depth only be for air squats, and/or high bar squats? Should low bar back squats stop X inch(es) below parallel, and high bar or air squats go into a third world squat? Thanks in advance.
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