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Re: Again Faster TV and the Mic'd Instructor

Awesome resource Jon. Hope they keep coming.

I think I have to beg a more complex issue with regards to the squat, though. While CF traditionally advocates the as-vertical-as-possible position for front, air, and overhead squats, it's not the only way, and Mark Rippetoe makes a compelling case for the advantages of a very horizontal (that is, hip more closed, knees more open) squat that prioritizes the posterior chain to move more weight. This comes up mostly for low-bar back squats, but he advocates the same position for overhead squats if shoulder flexibility allows (you can see this in a recent front page video).

I'm not convinced that "more vertical is always better" is an accurate way to approach squatting, even just for air squats. In particular, trying to actually get the torso COMPLETELY vertical is completely impossible for most people without elevated heels (weightlifting shoes) and front-loaded weight. I'm not sure I see the benefit in telling someone whose back is neutral, knees are tracking over their feet, weight balanced midfoot, etc. that their squat would be improved by leaning back more. Yes, the erectors are stressed more under load by a more horizontal back (more force goes to shear rather than compression), but that doesn't indicate to me that we should all be turning into lamp posts.

I've seen this coaching philosophy a number of times in the CF community and I find it somewhat confusing. Maybe someone can fill me in on the thinking here.
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