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Re: US Olympic Lifting Team Meet

We earn team spots at the world championships based on how our athletes place. Our women did well and earned 4 slots. Our men did not do so well (2 bombed out and one lifted well below expected numbers) - Casey and Zach did well and earned the team 2 spots. Then a few lifters (non-US, that is) got popped for drugs, which moved Tapei up in the rankings and bumped the US, taking away those two men's slots.

So it's possible we can earn a couple spots at PanAms. Nationals was supposed to be the secondary Oly qualifier and Olympic trials the primary (which is how it will be for the women). But since nationals and PanAms are only a few weeks apart, the men can't really perform well at both, so I believe the PanAms will become the secondary qualifier for the men.

Athlete rankings are based essentially on how that athlete's performance at those two meets compares to the world total for that weight class - in other words, it basically selects the athletes who have the best chance of medaling. The qualifying totals for nationals will be the same, and Oly trials will allow the top 30 men and women compete (which only amounts to about 3-4 per weight class average), although realistically no one outside the top ten has any chance unless they've been seriously sandbagging until this point.

The real problem is that Casey Burgener earns the most points for the US men's team, but because of the way the rankings are calculated (USAW politics), he will probably not go even if we earn 2 spots based in large part on his performance.
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