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This is like trying to explain what an orange tastes like. There is a lot more to jump roping than the two foot hop as the DVD will demonstrate. In fact, you will be astonished what Buddy Lee can do and are likely to be motivated, as I was, to jumping more after you see what that guy can do with a jump rope.

Hoppng with both feet is a great place to start and a good method on its own. But, it is boring as all get out. Try running in place. You will find that you have to spin the rope twice as fast to keep up with your feet and it will wear you out in a hurry. Next give a shot to double unders. Spin the rope around twice on a single jump...repeatedly. When you miss get the rope going again and give it another shot and keep track of how many you can do. Another method is to cross your arms in front of you as you jump and then cross back. I find this easier to do while running. My basic step is a sort of bunny hop...for lack of a more manly term. It is also called the Pony in aerobics circles but don't tell anyone that I know that. You make a jump to the left by moving your left foot first and following with your right so that the right foot lands after your left foot. Repeat to the right and so on. As lame as the name is the movement is very good and is the same thing as a forward and back boxer's shuffle. One last boredom avoider is to swing the rope to the outside of your legs on each side every now and then and then continue jumping.

Make up stuff Bobby. Listen to music, move around, shadow box between rounds, hop on one foot then the inventive. But in the end just jump. Your coordination and endurance will get better and better with time.

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