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Gary Turner
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Yep, its true!

I'm fighting 21st April at Wembly Arena on the Cage Rage show, MMA in the cage against Bob!

Bob is big, Bob is bad, and he actually has some good technical ability now. I'm not big, I'm not bad, and my technical ability against a guy of this size is, well, questionable! So I'll win another way...strategy...psychology...mental ability combined with the fact that I'm genetically tough!

I'll come in at 102kg for this event...Bob around 160kg, lol! Class!

Oh, and of course, if you need tickets, I'm an official outlet, so don't hesitate to email me at!!

Any ideas on how to beat the Beast?

I guess I'm going to Cage Rage - hey, what's this UFC thingy anyway?

Although not a full cross fit 'follower' as such, me and my trainers incorporate cross fit principles into my conditioning, and in the last year have seen great improvements in my physical ability. Plyometrics, Tabata's, suicides, 'raw' training, medicine balls, sand bags, sledgehammer work, all designed to hurt me, lol! Lets see if it helps me against Bob!

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