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Re: Your CrossFit Crystal Ball

I think you will see a lot of small boxes selling, closing or changing their goals.

I think you will see bigger boxes consolidating into groups. This is very helpful for the employment of specialist (membership software, social media, accounting, cleaning you name it) across multiple location. Also to build larger, deeper coaching talent pools.

I think you will continue to see the personal trainer business model get replaced by the micro gym model. Eventually the big box gyms may have to examine their personal training business model. Not sure of this because there is a deep pool of people who will sign up at $20 a month then spend thousands on personal training. Going to a base membership with extra group coaching added for a premium seems to make sense. Globo gyms have no middle of the road offering to raise revenue per members.

The CrossFit games will take a major hit when PED use finally is proven. Someone rats someone out most likely. Never forget Lance Armstrong. Passed more drug test then any Games competitor but eventually was ratted out by a teammate. Forging Elite Fitness with a needle or pill.

Consultants and marketing specialist will continue to use their sales talents to convince gym owners to spend money to make money. Some programs will be worth every penny others will be worthless.

Buyer be ware.....
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