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Re: My Video Training Log (For Critique Purpose)

Week 1, Day 5 - REST

Week 1, Day 6
Snatch - 60%x2, 70%x2, 80%x2, heavy single
110x(f) (OX)
132x(f) (OX)
145x(f) (Single)

Snatches were just forward today, I think I was slow as well, couldn't pull the bar back and over my head, and couldn't get under fast enough.

Clean & Jerk - 60%x2+1, 70%x2+1, 80%x2+1, heavy single
205x1 (Clean was forward, jerk was not deep enough. But I'll take it.)

Back Squat - 75% x 3 x 5
244x5x5 (Slow-ish, but no issues)

SLDL - 3x5
135x3x5 (First time doing these, it was kind of interesting)

3 sets; no rest:
20 push-ups
15 DB rows (Did them as bent-over rows)
Time: 4:06 (Used 25# DB's)

(NSFW, An ad for psychedelic drug testing on the radio within the first 10 seconds. Typical classic rock radio station...)


My questions:
1. Do the Stiff-legged DL's look okay?
2. Why did I miss the snatches so poorly? What can I do to fix them?
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