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Jay Edvardz
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For quite a while now I have been following NHE. As of the past 3-4 days I have been extremely hungry. More so than in a long time. I have been obliged to satisfy the hunger within the restraints of the NHE eating plan. To me, this means eating more nuts, nuts butters, etc. Could this be a result of being about a month in from first starting the WODs. I am actually using NHE and Crossfit to drop some fat, however, it seems that my body needs the fuel and I feel as though it would be wrong to deprive the hunger. This plan controls insulin big time so I know this is real hunger and not just hormonal hunger. Hell, my stomach has been growling like a lion so I know it's now in my head. I have also been upping my activity outside of the WODs. Any thoughts and or advice?
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