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Larry Lindenman
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I'm going to take a slightly diffrent tack than Tony and suggest a little extra work on your lagging limb. We want the work to be functional though. So after your deadlift and squat I think you should do 1 legged squats ("healthy leg behind you on a bench) and 1 leg deadlifts (with 1 dumbbell or KB). 5 X 5 would be a decent rep range. 5 sets with a weight you could do your first set of 5 reps. As you continue to crank off sets, you should not be able to get to 5 reps. Once you could get 5 reps for all sets, increase the weight. Normally I would agree with Tony, but because of the large diffrence I think you need some extra work to prevent future injuries. DO NOT do this with non-functional leg extensions or curls.
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