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Matt: Welcome to CrossFit!

Strictly speaking, no. As Coach observed the other day: "Dropped reps don't count".

That said, in the *real* world that us normal people live in, sure. Do whatever it takes to do it. (Lord knows, I drop a lot of reps, and I still count most of 'em.) If you have to drop it every time, well, that's not good, but doing it in any fashion is better than not doing it (assuming you don't get hurt).

The trick in catching them is to be dropping back down into the full squat as the ball comes down. This lets you decelerate the ball over a relatively long path and time (i.e., maybe 0.8 seconds and 2 feet of vertical distance, instead of 0.1 seconds and 6 inches). This will reduce the force on your hands and wrists signficantly, as well as put you (immediately) into the right position at the end of your catch for the next upward explostion. This "being ready to go again instantly" is what makes wall ball such a metabolic burnout.
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