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hello all,

so this is the deal, 3+ month ago, i found an oly gym right near my house. the gym is very well equipped and, and the people who train there are only professional Russians who compete very heavily.

at first, when i started training there i got some attention from the coaches,as they were thinking the OLY is the only thing in my mind and that i might compete in the future.

after 2-3 month of training twice a weeek tops, the little attention that i got wasnt there anymore, i had to train by my self with a few corrections here and there by some of the trainers. i began feeling my shoulders in a bad way after a while.

lately i am thinking about quiting the OLY gym and begin training with a powerlifting gym that is also not far from where i live. i know for a fact that in the powerlifting gym people will help me improve and watch my technics. on the other hand, it will be a shame to stop with the OLY as they are an improtent part of crossfit.

what do you guys think i should do ?

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