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Re: Lower Spine Soreness

Jeff, Corey pretty much said it in a nutshell. I am in the same situation as we speak. I took 2 weeks at 50% and now I am seeing a chiropractor. At the very bottom of your spine are your L4 and L5 vertebrates as well as your facet joints, which is also where we tend to arch our backs the most when we fatigue resulting in bad form. There are nerves all along our spine and in your case (and mine) these nerves get irritated when the facets put pressure on these nerves. I am currently staying away from things such as heavy deadlifting and KB swings. Heavy squatting feels good as long as my core is as tight as can be and form is flawless. I feel a ton better after the 50% weeks. If I were you I would lower the weight and cut the reps in half for the first week. In the second week, keep reps low and increase weight. If you are recovering from an injury, high volume is really the last thing you want. Then in the third week you should be good to go all out. But listen to your body, if your not ready, then your not ready. I have just started with the chiropractor and it has really seemed to help. I would recommend it.

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