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Corey Duvall
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Re: Lower Spine Soreness

Arching your back causing something known as facet jamming. There are small joints in your spine that when you arch backwards they can jam together. This can be very painful sometimes, especially if done forcefully like on a heavy push-press. Your lingering pain most likely is a sprain of the ligaments that surround those facet joints. Once you have done that, any err in form for any workout will irritate that sprain. Do you workout at a crossfit facility or on your own? I would recommend finding a crossfit affiliate near your area and have them examine your technique so that you are not irritating the sprain. If that doesn't work, I'd recommend two weeks off and a chiropractor. If your chiro tells you that you need a couple months of treatment, you're at the wrong place. Something like this should be a maximum of two weeks to heal and you should be feeling great.

That is all dependent on the fact that you don't have sharp pains going down your leg. That would be a bad sign, otherwise I think you'll be ok in a couple weeks as long as you don't irritate it much.

Good luck.
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