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Jeff Mouland
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Lower Spine Soreness

Hey all,
A few weeks ago (at least it seems that long) we did a WoD that was Overhead Press, Push Press, and Push Jerk.

I was going for a personal best on my PP but got a little too excited and shot my hips out. The pain in my lower back was something I have never felt before. It was like someone was trying to bend my spine in half.

The next day I had some sharp shooting pains but that went away, felt kinda like a nerve being pinched.

But since then I have had tenderness right on my lower spine. If it was the surrounding muscle I wouldn't be as worried but the fact the tenderness is right ont he bone part worries me.

I am still doing all the wods and it has not affected my workouts. It has also not gotten worse, but has just stayed tender and I can notice it more when i arch my back.

Any ideas? Should I be worried?
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