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Re: HOw do YOU add crossfit to your workout?

There are certainly exceptions, but people who compete at a very high level in the sport of CrossFit generally have programs with several attributes:

1) Heavy strength component. Have you be damn strong to be competitive today.
2) Lots of skill work on olympic lifts and misc CrossFit skills.
3) Usually more than one session a day. Some people will do strength work in one session and hard conditioning in another. Other people will do an easy cardio session in the morning, then a weight room afternoon session, then CrossFit style work in the evening. I don't think many high level people are still getting by with 1 session a day. You look at someone like Froning and the work volume is crazy.
4) Periodization. Top athletes in all sports differentiate their training into off-season and on season of some kind. Off-season for CrossFit athletes is a great time to work on things like an aerobic base and more strength. As the real competition gets closer then the high intensity conditioning is ramped up.

Crossfit Invictus and Outlaw Crossfit in the past have been very competitive non-specific programming that you could look at to see examples of some of these factors in practice. Haven't been to their websites lately to see what they are still throwing up.
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