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Re: How many calories to consume, while I eat clean to get lean!

Originally Posted by Danielle Erwin View Post
haha, I knew you would pop in and say your calorie count! I feel as though you're a smaller female to weigh that much with the calorie/activity amount. Also, I feel as though you've posted about how you do hours of martial arts training each week, which would definitly make you more able to eat that amount.

With the way I am built I'd have to suscribe to the Tracy Anderson diet to weigh around that mark. :-/

Any advice in regards to my questions?

Yes, the martial arts does burn some calories. From what you posted, you probably don't need to be eating quite that much. Still, if I were you I don't think I'd want to drop below 1500 or so.

If you've ever been a perfect size 4, you're hardly what I would call Amazonian. That's about where my upper body is, although I've been building muscle in my upper back lately so that may change.

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