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Re: How many calories to consume, while I eat clean to get lean!

Originally Posted by Michael Dries View Post WFS

I'd start there. Their activity multipliers are crap, so I'd take the BMR and add about 500 calories to it and see how that works for a few weeks.

Be ware, not following a good program is a good way to spin you wheels and not get anywhere. I'd recommend following 70sbig to a tee.

Also what is your immediate goal? If it's to get strong and fast using a program like 70sbig you need to eat to support the training but you might add a few pounds of "bulk" on.

Interesting - Hopefully I don't sound ignorant for wanting to mix, my rational was I really love weight lifting, so 70s big was appealing - but I enjoy the distinct challange of the CF workouts, so I had hoped to combine - if this is a bad idea thank you for letting me know - would you advise dropping the 70s big ( the strength/conditioning program- which I've omitted cleans from till I'm safe to do them) and just working on overall fitness in CF workouts?

& Andrew, thank you that was a very well thought out comment and I really appreciate it - I'm glad your wife is happy!
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