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Re: How many calories to consume, while I eat clean to get lean!

i think you have taken an important first step in deciding to worry more about food quality than quantity. my advice would be to leave it there for now. eat good clean food. workout hard. give it about a month. if you aren't liking what you see or how you feel, then you can adjust as necessary. as your body makes changes you will likely have to continually adjust your food intake in the future, there is no "magic number"

also, strictly counting calories can be misleading, especially when lots of veggies are concerned. fiber calories aren't going to add to your weight. and many veggies take as many calories to consume and process as they contain, so effectively their calories zero out.

each person's hormones are going to be different and the way your body converts food to fat or fuel, and the way your body converts already stored fat for fuel, is going to be different than other people.

don't be too concerned about the weight or the clothes size. alot of ladies look better at 140 and a fit size 6 than they do at a skinny starved 120 size 2. promise.

my wife is a classic example of a women that was hesitant to eat more and lift weights. she didn't want to get "buff". she wanted to get smaller. she had always been pretty small, but solid. size 0 in college but weighed 120 at 5'4". ran alot and had no fat and muscular legs. after a few years of less activity, 3 kids, and being a stay at home mom that had snacks in the fridge just feet away, she was not happy with her looks. she tried to run alot and diet. she lost a little but wasn't really happy with her "tone". i convinced her to eat more, eat clean, cut out the "jenny craig junk", eat natural foods, and lift a little weight. she is now tight, toned, and in really great shape. however, her jean size is the same and her weight has gone up. but the waist is smaller and the curves are in the right places. needless to say, she is happy.

the point is, ditch the scale. workout hard. eat clean. look in the mirror and watch results in the gym. adjust accordingly.

most of all, be patient and be persistent. don't get in a rush. slow and steady progress is the norm for most people.
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