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How many calories to consume, while I eat clean to get lean!


I've embarked on my journey of eating better and workin' out. I'm doing a mash up of 70s big and CF. I'm still in the beginning stages so I'm more concentrating on having good form over killing myself.

but, I already had a thread awhile back on exercises ( where I got great advice.)

My question now is how much food do I eat? I've lurked like crazy. People suggest eating 2000+ cal, people who are men and weigh more than me say they eat like, 1600 cal. I've had a hard time finding some consistent advice - so it's either this forum or the kindly meat-head who works at my globo-gym.

I will be eating as little processed foods as possible - concentrating on trying to get the "paleo" type proportions of protien/fat/carb. I recently loaded up at the grocery store - you, bank account! and I have a freezer full of meat, a fridge full of veggies and some berries and I'm feeling good.

but, before I go hog wild eating bacon, eggs, pork etc - I have a few questions.

1) Since I am actively trying to lose body fat- should I modify my diet so it is lower cal while I transition into a healthier weight?

2) Let's say my activity level will be 5 days a week of exercise, some being 70s big style ( heavy deadlifts and heavy squats...disclaimer, I currently only deadlift around 100 lbs) and some being modified CF "wod"s. What should my overall calorie consumption be - I walk my dogs almost every day so thats a 1/2-45 minutes of light to moderate walking as well.

I guess I'm freaked out about eating bacon, meats and eggs while my workouts are between 10-20 minutes. I'm not a small girl and I'm not a big girl. I have excess body fat on my belly, and some on my hips. I don't concntrate on what I weigh - - even at my smallest I wasn't petite ( College, 6 years ago, college, worked out 6 days a week. Lots of cardio. Lots. Very little weights- body weight exercises though. Weighed in at around 135 lbs, wore a true size 4 ( so a size two in stores like American Eagle and Abercrombie) So, even when I look pretty thin for my frame I'm a very dense lady.

i'm just nervous to bulk up by gaining fat along with muscle with this sort of diet- and before people jump on me, hollering "girls won't bulk up" I do have a body type that can look bulky.

Any advice would be grealty appreciated. I do apologize if this is repetitive - I did try to lurk/search for things like this.

:-) thanks!
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