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Re: Football Field WOD Ideas...Need Help!!!

My affiliate did a great medicine ball workout last week, it was horrible but fantastic both at the same time, funy how that works!

The workout was with a 10kg ball...

In partners for time:

400m overhead run
100 wall balls over the rig (or posts in this case)
400m any carry run
100 sit ups
400m any carry run
100 wall balls over the rig (or posts in this case)
400m overhead run

The ball can't touch the floor at any point throughout this WOD, the only time the ball can touch the floor is when taking it behind your head on the sit ups. You can change over on the runs as often as you like, making sure it isn't grounded.

If the ball touches the floor at any time, the punishment for both athletes is 10 burpees...

I think it took me and my partner just over 20 minutes to complete, but I can't be sure without having my training diary next to me. All in all it was a fun and very challenging session!
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