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Re: Football Field WOD Ideas...Need Help!!!

I like to take a medicine ball out to the field. I like to make up games with the medicine ball.

Throws over the football goal's horizontal bar are roughly equivalent to a wall ball. Make it into five rounds of twenty throws, using a different throw-style each time, and twenty burpees.

Rounds of partner-to-partner throws over the bar with a sprint or shuttle run might be nice. Make one partner carry the ball for the sprint and alternate who carries it.

Throws down the field, run to the ball, do five burpees, pick it up, lather, rinse, repeat, then when you get to the other end, pick up the ball and run back to the beginning with it. Do five rounds, using a different throw each round. Overhead, backwards overhead, underhand granny throw, right rotational and left rotational.

Partner throws down the field, with a short couplet at the end of the field of burpees, pushups, squats, whatever.

Throw the ball, then flip the tire till it reaches the ball. Then throw the ball again. Make it a down-and-back race.

If you want a really brutal workout, combine throws with a heavy med-ball, burpees and the sled.
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