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Football Field WOD Ideas...Need Help!!!

A group of 5-10 of us have started using a local high school's football field to do WODs a couple of times a week. They have a track, 4 tractor tires, a sled, 50ft rope (nothing to hang it on), cones, pull-up bars, and dip bars. We have been going for a couple of weeks now and we are having a hard time coming up with new things to do. Any good WOD ideas? Between the people in our group, we have a lot of additional equipment we can bring from home. Basically, anything found in a CrossFit box.

Here are a couple we have done so far:
400m Run
7 Tire Flips
30 Sec of Rope work (rope wrapped around the goal post)

10 Burpee Pull-ups
5 Tire Flips
40yrd Suicide Run

Thanks in advance!
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