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has anyone seen this...

So I was at the Nike Coach of the Year Football Clinic today and there was a vendor there who was selling this "system". It's basically a curriculum that a phys. ed teacher or coach could use to train their classroom or team. WFS

When I saw it I said, "That's Crossfit!" The sales rep said, "Oh No!, It's NOT Crossfit! In fact, it's better than Crossfit because it's focuses on strength and not just a bunch of metcons!"

She obviously has no idea what Crossfit is. Anyway, I saw them doing Angie, and they even called it Angie but she insisted it wasn't Crossfit! Just an FYI, they charge $250.00 for the system! I told her I can get that for free online!

I could be completely wrong here and Crossfit is somehow attached to this but I was just really surprised to hear her be so adamant that it was NOT Crossfit!
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