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Re: evidence not to do more endurance work?

Originally Posted by Katherine Derbyshire View Post
I think if you already have a 200+ lb. snatch and a 275 lb. C&J, then your training for the Games can focus on things other than strength.

If I'm remembering your other posts correctly, though, your strength base isn't yet comparable to his, so you probably need a different approach.

yes, you're right, katherine. i'm fairly new. i'm 5'8", 165#, my DL is 320, BS 285, BP 195. O lifts are much lower as i'm not as experienced with them.
i'm seeing good results with pure strength programs like bill starr's madcow 5x5 but i'm gaining weight, however as i'm somewhat vain, i would like to remain lean (and get leaner) while getting a little stronger. my goals aren't to become a power lifter (1000# DL). 400# DL would be fine with me. i am interested in being strong and lean. from what i can tell you guys all recommend i get strong first (not mind getting a little chubby) and then lean out or 'cut' by adding met cons? is this my best route? so do i remain on pure strength programs like SS (3x5) and madcow (5x5). or do i achieve my goals via CFSB or CFFB?
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