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Re: Coach B, Jeff Martone, Josh Everett: Battling Ropes Training

I'll pay devil's advocate.

This is not a great test for an athletes strength and power over a large spectrum. This is a test at how good you are at swinging a rope up and down. You can literally do this with only moving your arms (I watched the video of the creator doing the Tsunami thing).

The more efficient you are at the movement the better you get, go figure. Give a guy a month to play with ropes, he'll be good with ropes.

While I can see this as great as an extra movement I don't see how this is great as a primary movement or a total training system.

Don't get me wrong, I know its hard, I've done this kind of thing with a flat fire hose. But I'm not seeing how this is a be-all system.

The Battling Ropes produce these incredible results, because they introduce you to two new elements. The first element will train your mind and body to maintain power over a greater period of time. This power is a combination of strength and explosiveness. This maintaining power will carry into any arena. Whether you are a swimmer, martial artist, runner or a football player, you will be able to perform at your highest level for a much longer time due to the Battling Ropes.
Bold part: I have a system for that, its called CrossFit. While I see some CrossFit names up there, believe me, they are good at a lot of things and probably haven't swung a rope around like that! So cool, I buy a new fun thing to do with your training.

See, I'm not buying the next part though. To be a better swimmer, you swim more efficiently and swim better. To be a better runner, you run better. To swing a rope better, you swing more rope better!
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