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Re: Rhabdo

I have been CrossFitting for a long time. Since 2006. I gave myself Rhabdo from a workout last year.
In talking to Dr's here at my gym. Almost all athletes have had Rhabdo within their athletic career. They just didn't know that they had it. It will go away on it's own, but it can also become very dangerous. Most just think they overdid it and let it heal itself without knowing they ever had it. I have had many people realize that they had Rhabdo during the military or as an athlete in the past now that they understand the symptoms.

In my case, I did a workout that I wouldn't have programmed for a beginner or intermediate CrossFitter. But I thought I would be fine for a more advanced CrossFitter. It could have been a perfect storm or just a bit of arrogance. I spent a couple of days in the hospital getting IV's pumped into me. It was just boring.

My point is, this can happen to anyone. Protect your veteran athletes as much as your beginners.

I feel the only reason this is seen as a CrossFit problem, is that we talk about it. We tell people what it is and warn them not to put themselves or others into positions that may cause it. But just because we are the only ones talking about it, doesn't mean it's not happening to people all the time.

Educating our trainers have put us on the forefront of this. But I would rather be educated than ignorant!
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