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Re: Rhabdo

Originally Posted by Joseph Regan View Post
Yes a better definition definitely. What i wonder is can pre workout nutrition help prevent the muscle breakdown or the cells from exploding i.e. bcaa's or whey??? Just curious
I called the kid in the hospital. He was using Whey. I doubt that diet has anything to do with causing or preventing Rhabdo.

Extreme hi rep overuse of large muscle groups in an otherwise relatively fit exerciser who does not hydrate well enough is the perfect storm.

The Crossfitter most prone would be someone new to Crossfit who is in good shape and jumps on a GHD and rips off 30+ reps as well as jackknives, and sit-ups.

I think you can get my point. If the New Crossfitter was in mediocre shape they probably would not be able to push themselves into the needed level of overuse to develop Rhabdo.

The case I outlined that started this thread was a fit 19 year old wrestler that changed up his routine to low weight hi rep hammering of his arms and then followed the next day with more arm bashing by working chest.

BTW, he's still in the hospital 5 days later being hydrated aggresively and is doing fine.
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