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Since the topic seems to come up related to Crossfit I figured I would toss this case out there.

I know a 19 year old presently in the hospital for Rhabdo. When I asked him if he had ever heard of Crossfit he said no. He is a wrestler and has been training with a friend. They were in a regular gym setting and decided on "arms day" to do as many curls and tricep extensions as possible with very light weights as fast as possible to fatigue.

The next day he felt sore but again worked out doing "chest day". Of course his arms got a workout as well.

The next day his arms were swollen, and his urine turned very dark. He was evaluated in the ER and admitted for exercise induced Rhabdo. When I found out I called him. He admitted to a "change up" in the workout regimen but admitted to never hearing about Crossfit. The only supplement he was taking was Whey Protein. He said he thought he was hydrating well enough.

From my research it seems he was the perfect storm for this presentation. In fairly good shape but changing to an aggresive low weight, high rep routine and blasting one muscle group.

Just thought I'd throw this one out there so the next time someone you know bashes Crossfit as being Rhabdo prone you can tell them it's an affliction also available at your local gym for the asking.
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