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Re: Review of Get Rx'd Equipment

Originally Posted by John Lovins View Post
What kind of warranty on bars from bending, and bumpers from splitting?

Plus slam ball warranty?

Thank ya
Bars = 1 year
Slam Balls = 1 year
Bumpers: 25, 35, 45 = 1 year. 10/15 = 90 days

We're using industry standard warranty. Not enough testing so far to extend the warranty beyond industry standard as of now. If you do want longer though, we can nail down an extended warranty plan. I can say that in this past half year, none of our bars have bent, none of our slam balls have broken from normal usage, and none of our bumpers have split... so far. But with bumpers, it's not IF they're going to break, it's WHEN.

6 months and tens of thousands of pounds of bumpers and none split is pretty good though I'd say.

We've sold at least 1000 slam balls. Out of these, we did have 2 that were manufacture defects. The balls were broken in the box before they made it to the customer. We replaced the 2 immediately. NONE have broken from being slammed (again, so far in the past 6 months). Fingers Crossed.
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