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Re: Power Endurance


Horizontal Push Volume/ Squat Volume

A1) 40m sprint: 5.88, hamstring pull
A2) Bench: up to 1x 3x 205, stopped

Spent an hour trying to prevent my hamstring my shutting down mobility.

This sucks. I did a warm-up that was a little too short, did some good warm-up sets on the bench, hit a solid 5.88 40m sprint PR, and then walked back and hit it again with minimal rest. It probably would have been faster than 5.88; my hamstring tweaked as soon as I switched from drive to speed phase, and I was going fast enough that I couldn't stop--hit the leg a couple of times and then had to skip continuously on my left foot.

I don't know what to make of this. Stepping back an examining matters from an objective perspective, I have:

1) dicey back
2) torn hamstring
3) toe injuries from sprint volume
4) 95-100% of my best power output ever (judging by jumps, power c+j, and sprints) with just 2-3 weeks of dedicated training

It seems like my programming was working to induce favorable adaptations in power, but I'm just paying the price for never having taken time off for a long period of time. Right now I want to either:

A) Take a solid week off (instead of maxing this week, since that won't be an option anyway), then take the light week I had programmed, then continue as planned
B) Take a solid week off and do somebody else's programming (outlaw or CrossFit Football, probably). It could be that I just suck at programming my own training.
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