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400m x 1:20, 1:07, 1:05.86, longer rest
400m x 1:07, 1:08, 1:15, 1:16
Walking lunges x 100m, with 2 sets of 10 scales each side thrown in. Kept sets together more here; basically did lunges in 30+30, followed by 10+10 scales, 20+20 lunges, 10+10 scales, 10-15+10-15 lunges.
Light lying reg raises (15, 15, 10, 10)

There was a real athlete at the track today--always inspiring. She must have been a middle or short long distance runner, and she was running 80-85 second splits for 800-1000 meter intervals, sometimes with minimal rest. Impressive: I probably only could have hung with her for a third of what she did.

Also, because I'm a genius, I ran today in shoes that had sitting out in the freezing rain last night, and I am now waiting for my toes to return to their normal human color. Midvale school for the gifted moment.

Overall, I am happy wiith where the cycle is at now. I could have accumulated more volume in this week if my back had been up to it, but the gains I am experiencing testify that the level of volume is adequate, at least for this microcycle.

If there is one aspect of the cycle I am not happy with, it is my lower body assistance work. It needs to be more purposeful. I am not going to un-screw my back and fix my weakness in that area without dedicated work. This is what I have in mind for next cycle:

Assistance on volume pull day: RDL for sets of 8-10 with straps and a pause below the knee, emphasizing neutral spine, alternated with heavy abs. Hold glute bridge and plank afterwards for one max set each. Assistance on intensity pull day: Heavy, slow back extensions with as many plates as I can hold on to, alternated with lying leg raises (maybe band-resisted if I can swing it). Hold glute bridge and plank afterwards for one max set each.

I have no reverse hyper or glute-ham raise, but I still need my back to becoming a fricking machine.
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