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Re: Power Endurance


Vertical Power/ Pull Intensity

A1) Power Clean and Split Jerk x 135, 185, 205, 225, 245, 255, 265, 275
B1) Low Clean Pull 3x 275, 275, 295, 305, (belt) 315, 315, DL 1 x 365
B2) Vert--maybe a little higher (maybe 30") maybe not, hard to measure on BB rim
C1) More Low Clean Pull w/belt 3x 315, 315, 315, (315?)
C2) Strict Toes To Bar x 8, 8, 7/1
D1) Several rounds light back extension work
D2) Several rounds lying leg raise

275 Power Clean and Jerk! Nothing bad to say about that. Clean pulls felt good, but DL did not. I set up for 385, pulled on it for a second, and thought better of it--back is not there yet for heavy pulls. Slight increase in pain but nothing bad.

I am slightly frustrated that my heavy pulls and squats have been held back by my back, but I am very happy with how my C+J is coming back. Clean was easy and high. Back still felt dicey on the 265 jerk, better on 275. The only limitation on the jerk is the comfort of my back (keeping neutral spine as I split under). 275 felt very light and stable in the jerk. Once the back is 100%, I believe I definitely have 300 in me already if I can clean it. Vertical leap was definitely at least as high as last week, probably a little higher. I did not quite get my palm to strike the top of the rim, but it was close.
M 6' 190ish Power C+J 275 Press 170 Push Press 250 Vertical 29" Broad Jump: 10' 20-yard shuttle 4.94 sec 40m 5.88 sec 300m: 44.5 sec 1600m 5 minutes 20 sec
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