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Re: Power Endurance




Vertical Push/ Squat Intensity

A1) 20 yard shuttle--untimed, left stopwatch at home
A2) Overhead Press 3 x 95, 1x115, 135, 145, (belt) 155, 165, 0 x 170, 170 PR
B1) Push-Press 3x135, 1x185, 205, 225, 235, 245, 0x255, 3x 225, 2x 225, 1x225, 2x225
C1) Low-Bar Squat 3x 135, 185, 225, 275, 295, 315, 335, 345
D1) Max Rep Push-up+45 pounds: 30 reps PR
D2) Max Rep L-Chin: 15 reps

A good day. I am very pleased to have increased my OHP again; incorporating the bench and at least some dedicated upper body assistance work is definitely helping me.

The squat was a little lame; I was not happy with the confidence, depth, and coordination of the reps. They were not terrible, and frankly good considering that my back just stopped hurting intermittently two days ago.

I am itching to make lower body strength gains, but patience will pay off. So far, so good; I am hitting all my marks.
M 6' 190ish Power C+J 275 Press 170 Push Press 250 Vertical 29" Broad Jump: 10' 20-yard shuttle 4.94 sec 40m 5.88 sec 300m: 44.5 sec 1600m 5 minutes 20 sec
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