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Re: Power Endurance


Horizontal Power/ Pull Volume

A1) Find Best Standing Broad Jump: 10'
B1) Power Clean 15x1x255
C1) Flat-Flooted Clean Pull 10x3x285 w/straps
D1) 3x30 'Russian' Dumbbell Swing (shoulder height) x 85 pounds, ~1-1:30 min rest
E1) Lying leg raises abs

10' Broad jump is freaking awesome.

This workout went absolutely perfectly. I got all the volume I needed, didn't have to use a belt for pulls.

I identified a weakness in the flat-footed clean pulls. I think training towards power cleans has left me with a tendency to put the back into slightly lordosis and thus incompletely extend the hip. You can get away with this for massive weights in the power clean, but since my goal is to increase my overall hip extension power, I am going to train flat-flooted pulls and stricter technique as well.
M 6' 190ish Power C+J 275 Press 170 Push Press 250 Vertical 29" Broad Jump: 10' 20-yard shuttle 4.94 sec 40m 5.88 sec 300m: 44.5 sec 1600m 5 minutes 20 sec
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