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Re: Power Endurance


Linear Speed/ Bench Volume/ Squat Volume

a1) 40m sprint: 5.9 sec, down from 5.97; several 6:00 or sub-6:00 times.
a2) Bench Press: 7x3x200
b1) High Bar Squat: 5x3x275
c1) Assisted HSPU x 8, 5, 2
c2) L-Chin x 10, 10

I'm sticking with 40m just because it easier to measure and time. I got a PR of 5.9 seconds (down from 5.97), which should work out to a sub-5.5. 40 yard sprint--getting better.

The bench and squat weights were perfect, but a dense out-of-gym schedule prevented me from getting in the volume. This is a shame, because the volume fluctuations are important for driving progress. However, because my injury reduced the amount of volume I did last week, I believe that this will still communicate itself to my CNS as an uptick in volume, at least if I succeed in hammering high-volume cleans and clean pulls this afternoon.

So far, so good. Back tightened a little bit after high-bar squats last night, but is still getting continually better. Assisted HSPU (heels over something pulling up) strains the back more than anything else right now, so I may drop those in favor of a strict barbell or dumbbell press with a similar rep range. It's easier to stay in neutral when you're right side up (at least when you're a klutz ).
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