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Re: Power Endurance


Sprinting/ MetCon

300m, walk 100m
10 muscle-ups (8/2)
300m, walk 100m
10 muscle-ups
300m, walk 100m
300m, walk 100m

All 300m between 52 sec and 55 sec.
8 Muscle-ups unbroken on first set--went for 9, but lost my balance and fell through a 1/2 iron cross-fun.
Was originally planning to do 10 in between each 300m, but my rings started to slide down the tree branch I was using. There is possibly no aspect of training that ****es me off more than having the rings slip down.

Finished w/ ~70m of walking lunges and scales/1-leg deadlift (a lot of the latter). There is a manifest deficit in balance/posterior chain coordination between my left and right legs. My right--where my back was injured--is weak.

All in all, good for a morning workout. Next week I will try to get the rings hung up properly, and do 4 rounds of 400m with 3 sets of 8 muscle-ups in between.
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