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Re: Power Endurance


Vertical Power/ Intensity Pull

A1 Power Clean and Split Jerk 1 x 135, 185, 205, 215, 225, 235, 245, Power Clean (no jerk) x 255, 265, 270
B1 Test Vertical: ~29-30".
B2 DL 1x 135, 185, 225, (belt) 275 a couple of times, 315, 335, 355, 375.
C1 RDL 5x225, 275, (belt) 275, 275x clean pull 3, RDL 3.
C2 Strict Toes to Bar: 3x5.

Vert Measurement is rough--I basically measured the difference between my standing high shoulder reach and the top of a basketball rim (28") and then estimate the difference based on what I can grab. My short-term goal would be to get my palm to touch the top of the rim--that would be 31".
Clean--I was very pleased with this. I had hoped for a 270 C+J, but my back felt dicey as I moved up to 245 on the jerk, so I played it safe. With a 250 push-press yesterday, the power is easily there.
Deadlift--Again, I was pleased with this all things considered. My back is definitely not 100%--this felt tough and uncomfortable, even with a belt--but there was no flare-up of pain during or after the lift, and it hasn't been that long at all since the injury. My back is tightening up some now in response to the loading, but nothing majory, and to be able to come back to ~90% so soon afterwards is really great.
M 6' 190ish Power C+J 275 Press 170 Push Press 250 Vertical 29" Broad Jump: 10' 20-yard shuttle 4.94 sec 40m 5.88 sec 300m: 44.5 sec 1600m 5 minutes 20 sec
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