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Re: My day with Rick Scarpulla of Ultimate Advantage (Westside 4 Athletes)

Originally Posted by Alex Carey View Post
Sounds like a productive day. What did the core workout entail? What kind of hamstring assistance exercises did he show you?
Core Workout:
3 rounds of:
10 Lying Leg Raises (lay down on the ground and grab something behind you like the bottom of the couch. Then raise your legs to 90 degrees and lower it back down. Go slow as you can. Keep legs straight).
15 Windshield Wipers (Again, grab a couch and do these real fast, keeping your shoulders on the ground at all times. This is 15 to each side for a total of 30).
15 Lying Leg Raises with legs folded (Same as the the first, but legs are folded instead of straight and go at a normal pace.).

For the Assistance Leg Work, I did the Hamstring Curls with bands (Sitting on a bench), Reverse Hypers, and Hyperextensions, and a new machine that is coming out.
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