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Need some help with my diet

Hey guys,
I wanted to ask you about my diet because I'm trying to get a little more cut in the lower-ab area, but cannot follow paleo strictly due to my lifestyle. Basically, I'm a college student living with 5 guys and sometimes have to defer to eating lunch at a sandwich place (bread! nooooo!) or stuff like that. I was wondering if you guys might provide some realistic recommendations for how to accompany my diet/exercise routine so I can maintain/increase strength while shedding a little bit of midsection. Thanks for your help!
Diet/schedule (typical of most days):
10 AM breakfast:
2-3 eggs with chopped onion, spinach and a little cheese--cooked in a little olive oil,
11 AM CrossFit workout (try not to puke)
130 PM lunch. Try as much as possible to eat a meat-based healthy dish at home, but as the fridge thins out meat sandwiches at potbelly or something similar can take its place.
3 PM 1.5 scoops whey protein with 2% milk, ice and some fruit (a banana and some blueberries, usually) in a smoothie
4-6 PM handful of almonds if getting hungry (running sprints/avg. 3 miles works in this time frame about 3 days a week)
7-8 PM dinner: usually a chicken breast or similar sized lean cut beef with brown rice, vegetables
8-1 AM-handful of almonds if hungry, bed at 2 AM
I realize my meal descriptions aren't too specific, which is because I haven't really been too focused on recording the exact number and amount of everything I eat (plus I don't have the patience, props to you guys for the dedication). Anyway, any help is much appreciated. Thanks!
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