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The issue is that no one really knows. People say they do, sure. What happens if you're one of the "sensitive" people like I was?

What if there's some "negative synergy" between Splenda and your other artificial sweetener? Who the heck studies that? I can assure you it's not Monsanto (now there's a company that puts people first :lame:).

We all take risks every day. Personally, I wouldn't want mine to be artificial sweeteners. I've found a great whey for those who do use it that is sweetened with a couple grams of fructose and stevia. People love it and I help them avoid the Splenda. It's called Power Whey Stack.

Mercola's site has links to lots of anti-Splenda group sites. Why in the world would people make this stuff up? I personally don't think they do, especially after my aspartame reactions.

I'd try to answer your question, but then I'd have to ask you my favorite unanswerable question--Could CF workouts kill [some random] person?
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